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At Mindshare Creative, it all starts with strategy — and collaboration is key. With clients, influencers, opinion leaders and others who can contribute to the success of the strategy. We think bottom line. Meaning creative should produce quantifiable results that help clients meet their business goals.


As a brand, clients tell us we are strategic, a partner, collaborative, inspirational, imaginative, dedicated and knowledgeable. We appreciate that.


We’re boutique, small — a team of 16 — but mighty. Mighty efficient and mighty effective. Why? We’ve been together a long time. Our average tenure is 13.7 years, which means our team collectively has over 210 years of experience in working in various fields of marketing and communications, including healthcare, retail and financial products.


We're a full-service agency. And our specialty is mindshare. Attracting mindshare by creatively standing out. Capturing mindshare by strategy aligning with audience beliefs, and attitudes and values. Nurturing mindshare by consistently providing value and relevance. We help out clients succeed in a variety of ways including:

Market Research

Strategic Positioning

Company Image Strategy & Design

Corporate Identity Packages

Print Collateral Development

Direct Marketing

Print Advertising

Television Advertising

Radio Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Internet & E-marketing

Outdoor Marketing

Public & Media Relations

Tradeshow Exhibit Promotion

Tradeshow Booth Design

Promotion Strategy & Implemation

Multi-media Marketing & Presentations

Media Strategy & Placement

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Chris Franco, VP Account Services




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