According to respected author Malcom Gladwell, practice makes perfect. In his book, Outliers, the Story of Success he studied highly successful people like Bill Gates and the Beatles and found 10,000 hours of practice was the "magic number of greatness."

Practice Mindshare has spent
more than 47,000 hours creating smart and strategic communications specifically targeting healthcare practices. And we've produced exceptional results.

Every working day, Practice Mindshare communicates
with practice teams of all types and sizes including:

In a wide variety of ways including:

Because we have also helped practices capture patient mindshare, we have a unique understanding of just how busy healthcare teams are, and how difficult it is to get their attention—and get a response.

Practice Mindshare has unique and practical expertise in:

Here is a small sample of our work.

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we'll give you results

Let us put our 47,000 plus hours to work for you. With all that practice,
we're pretty confident we're the perfect agency to help you meet—
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